Do you have what it takes to
​​​​​​ "Go ŌYLPRŌ?" 
We thought so.
A four-week, mentorship-based, high intensity leadership development program designed to get you  from good to great

In alignment with our mission, Team ŌYL created this fast-track, no-nonsense leadership program to fine-tune and launch team members who are ready to dive into the dōTERRA business in a big, real way. This 4-week course will teach you the need-to-know basics for Living, Sharing, Building, and Launching your business at any level. It will also cover essential mindset, leadership, and success tips from dōTERRA Blue Diamond and China Founder, Victoria Plekenpol. Perhaps the most exciting part of all is the intense and priceless opportunity for 1:1 mentorship with Silver+ leaders on Team ŌYL. You’ll get a personal mentor call each week as well as full-group training calls with Victoria twice during the course. The video courses and content will give you the knowledge. The coaching calls will help you apply what you’ve learned and problem solve along the way.

This program is not for the faint of heart - it’s for those who feel called and ready to do something different, to shake up their cells a little, and tap into what it means to truly live an extraordinary life of abundance.

Eric Worre tells us to “Go Pro?” Eric, we see you and raise you. We are going “ŌYLPRŌ.”

world-class training at your fingertips
ŌYLPRŌ is 100% online, so you can learn whenever you want, wherever you want. 

Plus, with personal 1:1 mentor calls and group coaching training, you'll never feel alone on your learning journey!​​​​​​​
It's time to level-up...
When you decide to “Go Pro” everything changes.

"This program launched my business into a new season of massive action and momentum. I learned the necessary skills to take this opportunity seriously and develop the mindset of a CEO."
Bruno, dōTERRA Leader

What does “going PRŌ” look like? First and foremost, this business is not a hobby. It’s not a “try it and see.” It’s not a maybe. We must re-frame that belief here and now. The people who fail in network marketing are the ones that don’t dive in, the ones who expect quick results with no effort, the ones who don’t put in the time to build belief in themself and their potential. It’s not a “get rich quick scheme,” it’s a commitment to “get rich smart.” With a few years of intentional effort, you can create a residual income pipeline for a lifetime. That’s why we have created a powerful infrastructure on our team to train you like a business-person. To help you excel at the SKILLS required to succeed in this business model. To help you start earning money before you start spending it. Just like any other industry, there’s a way to do this right...and that’s what we’re here for: to coach you along the way as you “go ŌYLPRŌ.”

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